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I don´t like Display Advertising, as an Internet User and as a Marketer. But let´s see what Display Advertising has to offer to be so popular.

Display Advertising is another digital marketing channel available to brands that are looking to advertise their sites online. There are 2 ways of using Display Advertising, cialis 30 day sample Retargeting and sildenafil rezeptfrei kaufen Prospecting:

Retargeting: Serving your Ads to people that visited your site previously. Very efficient in high traffic volume websites.In a way we are improving the overall conversion rate for our website. I think this is acceptable….let´s say what is Prospecting about.

– Prospecting: Serving your Ads to a targeted audience. We can target our audience based on different criteria:

  1. Contextual: You are reading a digital marketing blog with display advertising. You are likely to see digital marketing                         related Ads. Can you see one on the right hand side?
  2. Behavioural: User data can be gathered from the sites the user visits, as well as information from for he filled in, etc…

Then we have revatio 20 mg Retargeting which is a great idea to send reminders to our visitors that the product they were interested in is still available and sildenafil 50 mg Prospecting to find new users serving our piece of creative to specific audiences that are likely to convert. Unfortunately, Prospecting Display Advertising is still not a good enough marketing channel for me.

Even though we can´t compare Prospecting Advertising with the old fashion disturbing banners that were everywhere across the internet a few years ago, it is still a way to canada drug disturb and step in our ways. If I am reading the newspaper I don´t want any banner to drive my attention elsewhere, it´s just annoying. Yes, I might be interested in marketing and that banner is marketing related, but it is just natural viagra Not the Right Time.


And the figures are there, the average Click Through Rate for Display Advertising is 0.1%. Really??!! The way I look at that figure is that in order to get 1 click you need to annoy another 999 people. That does not fit into any kind of marketing principle I’ve ever heard of before.

Said all the above, I need to say that there are particular situations when Display Advertising (prospecting) should be considered as an option:

1. When PPC and SEO can’t drive more traffic. As a third traffic driver I would consider it…but don´t expect any similar outcome from it.

2. Cluttered Markets: For certain sectors where bidding on PPC of pushing your SEO is not Cost Effective I would recommend looking at this, again, as your third option.

3. Business to Business: Driving Search Traffic in a Business to Business environment can be difficult, specially for a volume issue.

You are more likely to survive a plane crash than click on a Banner Ad (Solve Media)

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