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strangers to intimates

Digital Marketing, like traditional marketing, is just about relationships. It is about the way our brand and our potential customers interact with each other and end up in a relationship where both, brand and customer, are happy to be together. This sounds a bit like a human relationships, doesn’t it? Well, then I’ve got you where I wanted because that’s what I think a brand-customer relationship should be like.

The issue with traditional marketing is that making the first contact was fairly easy (TV, radio, press), but engaging and keep on working on the relationship was more difficult because the brands struggled to get customer’s details to keep dating.

That is not such a big issue anymore with digital marketing, as we have a few tools available to engage with our potential customers. E-mail address, social media channels, or even cookies can give us some data about potential customers that showed interest in our products in the first place. The issue we face up now as digital marketers is how to push up the strangers through the digital marketing pyramid until they become intimates. The process is long but the outcome will be worth it. pharmacies in canada 1. Awareness: Broadcasting activity can help to build brand awareness. This is a difficult process because no-one cares about your brand or what you have to offer. They have all their needs sorted…we will have to use some sort of broadcast channel to get their attention. Some display advertising (prospecting) can help us narrow down our potential audience and make our broadcasting activity more targeted and effective. E.g. I am checking a couple of clothing shops so I would be eligible to be served shoes Ads.

www 2. Acquaintance: At this stage I want to buy new shoes and I see an Ad from a brand I´ve seen somewhere before…I might click to see what they have to offer. Google Adwords would be a good way to help your brand to go through this stage. If the customer Google “shoes” and my Ad shows up it´s possible that I will get a visit.

canada pharmacy 3. Friend: Now I like your brand because the shoes I bought are quite comfortable. I might buy again from you if I find a good promotion or it comes handy when I have the need to get another pair of shoes. E-mail marketing is the tool to keep working on the relationship with this client. Don´t let the customer leave at the checkout without offering a discount for signing up.

drugs from canada 4. Confidante: Our customer is happy receiving e-mails from our brand. We have special offer and discounts that he benefit from (this needs to be targeted depending on his needs. If a man bought a pair of shoes we must never send him a lingerie voucher). We keep brand awareness and our “friend” is happy and ready to become an intimate. viagra 5. Intimate: The last stage of this relationship is when your customer becomes an intimate. At this level they will share your Facebook posts and refer your brand to friends. Social Media comes now into play. With a Social Media plan our intimates will make sure that our word spreads to all his friends and this is very important because there is no better advertising than your friend recommending you a brand.

Thanks to I took their advice to rethink about this Digital Pyramid article to give my own view on it.

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