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There are different situations where www Digital Marketing Agencies are Useless. You are right, if they don’t help you to achieve your expected goals, you probably should online pharmacies canada get rid of them and take everything in house.

url Please Go Ahead, but please answer some questions first.


You are in a very competitive market, so you decided to get yourself involved in the click here price war ending up with very cheap prices that can barely cover your costs. Your solution was pushing your agency to promote your product working with a lower (and unrealistic) Cost Per Enquiry. The Agency struggles to make this possible, generic viagra available in usa Your Agency is Useless! Maybe your company was not good enough to create a valuable product to avoid getting into a price war where only one (the cheapest) can survive.

Being the cheapest is almost revatio NEVER the solution to survive in a competitive market. Your Agency is not the one to Blame.

Promotional Assets

Your Agency is sending traffic to your Website from various campaigns. They set up a Pay Per Click and e-mail marketing campaign (better than Next’s one), however you don’t notice any significant increase in sales that can justify the spend. Your Agency is Useless!

Maybe before coming to that conclusion would be worth considering what kind of website is the Agency working with?

Does your Website offer a good user journey? Have you been recommended to refresh your website but you think it doesn’t need any change? Don’t trust your gut feelings and get your agency to perform a Web Usability study.

revatio vs viagra Numbers always give your a more accurate answer


Is your product appealing to your Audience? I usually find 2 different cases:

1. Everyone loves my product, but we don’t sell as we used to

I call these ones The Old Good Times. Unfortunately, the Old Good Times are over now and the decision makers have been caught up in the middle without even realising what is going on. They just speak about how well and easy was everything 10 years ago.

The issue is that your product is old fashioned and your audience has grown up. The next generation has different preferences making your product not appealing to anyone. A good product is only good during a specific time frame. No matter how good your product is, it will always need to be updated according to the market trends.

2. We finally found The Product. We just need to promote it  

On the other side of the spectrum we have the latest brand new products, those ones targeting audiences based on latest cutting edge trends and technology. The question is, have you test it? The will probably will say they have, but maybe the survey was to their 5 best mates and their mums. This is not enough. It is better spending some time on product testing at the beginning to ensure your target audience would love your product as much as you expect them to do.

If Your Product Does Not Sell, Promotion Is Not Going to Help – Don’t Blame Your Agency 


How accessible is your product? Do your audience have any limitation to access your product?

Offline – Location

Do you have different shops but you are only interested in promoting the one in London because offers the best deals? It is important to make your Agency aware of this, so the promotion can be targeted to users based on this location. Any other advertising would be wasting campaigns and your money. Let them know, don’t blame them.

Online – Ecommerce Platform

If you sell online through an ecommerce platform, a Web Usability study would be essential to see how well your platform works. You want this process to be as easy and smooth as possible. Think about it as if you had a shop where you have a professional Mystery Shopper pretending he is a customer to see how well your staff is. Why wouldn’t you test this online if you think you are not selling enough?

Your Agency is driving potential customers to your shop which is later wasted for issues with your platform. Don’t blame your Agency.

Digital Marketing Agencies Are Useless

If nothing of the above applies to your case and you don’t get the outcome agreed from your campaigns it’s save to say that your Marketing Agency is Useless. Please Do Get Rid of them and tell them that an Agency Marketer recommended you to do it.

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