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Imagine that you own a bike shop. To understand the sildenifil performance of your shop you need to know how many people is coming everyday. Maybe your shop is not in the right location and the people passing by do not come in. If this is not an issue and you have clients in your shop it would be interesting to know the value of your clients, how many of those visitors actually buy something? This will depend on how competitive you are but also on canadadrugs how you set up the display of your shop, what in traditional marketing is called shop merchandising. Changing the milk location from one aisle to another is not done to drive you crazy, it is done so you end up picking up something else you were not looking for on your way. This can be extrapolated to online marketing with canadian online pharmacies Conversion Optimisation.  It works differently as you don’t want your visitors to get lost, but to homepage guide them so they don’t get distracted and drop off.

In order to understand how your website is performing we just need to put together the written above into a discount viagra Conversion Funnel. To create this conversion funnel you need first to work out the numbers for your particular case. In my example I am presuming that 10% of my traffic is going to make an enquire, and 5% of those enquiries will end up being a Sale. You should be able to pull this data from you Analytics reports. Now is time for reverse engineering.

How many pharmacy express Sales do you need? Let’s say you would be happy with 5 Sales a day. Then we need 100 Enquiries a day. This means we need  1000 visits per day at the top of our Conversion Funnel.

Let’s put it all together in a Conversion Funnel graph.


Once we have this funnel, we will get a clear picture about the traffic we need to drive to our website to get the sales we aim for. Where can we get this traffic from? That’s another question that needs to be addressed,  but at least now we have only one variable in our equation, and as you can probably recall from school: Equations with one variable always have a solution.

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