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Controversial Sells

I Also Like Being Controversial

The Death of Marketing

I Suck at Marketing

Stop Social Media, Is not Profitable

The Death of Guest Blogging

Why do we do this? Some people are against this kind of controversial headlines, I love them. However, it is a fact that we tend to click on these kind of links or buy these books.  Why do we click? Because we love challenges, we love to prove others wrong. Our ego gives us the energy to open that article, read it and then comment to show off our knowledge and skills.

Do you not agree with any of the articles above? I would love for you to prove me wrong!

Do you think extremism help Marketing and helps stories to Spread? Haver you tried controversial headlines in your articles to see whether or not it has an impact in the open rate or the engagement of the article?

Seth Godin went to the edge with his book´s title, and that was a good reason for me to share it, going to the Edge got his story to spread!

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