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A northwest pharmacy canada Content Calendar is a good starting point

1. Regular content

When do you publish content? Probably you do it when you have something to tell to your audience? Google loves regular content, the more you publish, the better you will rank. Do you schedule how and when are you going to publish your pieces?

With a content calendar you will schedule the dates that your pieces of content need to be published beforehand. This will help you to organise your time more efficiently so that you make sure you have your piece of content ready for the publishing day.

Also, if you manage to get it ready a few days earlier all you need to do is schedule the publishing time in your CMS and you can just tick off that day from your calendar. Google loves regular content, than means consistency. The more consistent the more authoritative you will be to Google.

internet pharmacy – When should you publish?  Go to Google Analytics and take a look at the seasonality of your traffic to find the answer to this question. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday looks like the best days in my case.

content-calendar-seasonality levitra 20mg cost per pill – How often should I publish? 

Well, if you are serious about blogging and have some resources allocated to it I would say a minimum of 3 articles a week is a good starting point. You can obviously increase this up to an article a day but I would never go beyond this. If you have more time available you should also think about having a good balance between quality and quantity. Create Infographics or Videos to embed to an article. This will give your blog a variety of content for an increased engagement with your audience.

2. Special Dates

Christmas, Easter, Saint Valentine´s day…Are you able to come up with pieces of content around these days? That will give your site or blog a feeling of being updated. In this case go to your calendar and tick the days where you would like to have some special content ready. As you did in the previous point, get it done, schedule the publish day and move to the next point.

3. Offline Marketing Events

Do you have regular conversations with the Marketing Manager? Are you aware well in advance of what events your company is going to be attending this year? If the answer is no you need to have schedule a meeting with the Marketing Manager with your Content Calendar handy. Highlight the days your company is attending special events, holding events, etc. and make sure you get some content from it to publish a follow up article.

4. Online Mentions

You are not in control of all mentions you can get online so make sure you subscribe to Google Alerts for SEO for your brand name and use this to create last minute articles that will help to increase your content apart from the articles pre-scheduled in your content calendar.

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