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TV Campaign, Radio Campaigns, Out Of Home Campaigns try keep up to date and some of them, with more or less success, manage to get the attention of consumers with too many ads to look at, too many options to choose from, and site too little time to evaluate these decisions. On top of this, if we look at a sildenafil 50 mg cluttered city like London, the chances to stand out for any brand are very little. What could a brand like British Airways do to stand out from the crowd? herbal viagra Creativity with technology is the right answer.


At a glance this banner above looks just as another normal outdoor billboard with a little kid raising his hand. They place it in the right place where they knew was going to have the effect that the kid is pointing to the plane…that would have been another boring Ad like the thousands we ignore on a daily basis and the impact would have been minimum.

buy British Airways went a step ahead and created an interactive campaign that updates the flight information as the plane pass over the billboard with the kid moving at the same time to point at it. Click on the picture to see the video and the actual effect.

Congratulations British Airways; Brilliant Advertising.


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