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If you are into Adwords o any other PPC platform, you have probably had to answer this question either to your boss or your client. international pharmacies that ship to the usa Should I use part of my Adwords budget to bid on my brand name? Is brand bidding on PPC worth it? I can´t really give you a straight answer, because unfortunately this is one of those questions where the answer depends on certain circumstances. So what I will do, is explaining why both answers can be right and which cases apply to each one. here Related:  Yahoo Stream Ads – Time to leave AdWords

Bid on your brand

In traditional marketing there is a strategy called Defensive Marketing and large companies use it to shop defend their bigger market shares and larger customer base. That´s why Coca Cola has to keep creating great and expensive TV Ads to keep us thinking as the great brand that no other one could ever beat. When it comes to Brand Bidding on PPC the answer to this question should go along these lines. Is your company big and widely known in the market and you get many visitors looking specifically for your brand name? It’s then online pharmacies canada a no-brainer to bid on your brand to get more real state on first page and push competitors down in the searches so no click will be lost.

Don´t Bid on your Brand

On the other side of the spectrum, we find Offensive Marketing, which is used by smaller new businesses that try to get their piece of the cake from the bigger competitor.

Smaller companies need to find a smaller niche where they can differentiate from the biggest company. Brand Bidding on PPC female viagra does not make much sense with a relatively new/small brand. This shouldn’t be a priority because homepage our main goal is to gain brand awareness. Bidding on specific long tail keywords related to our market should be the core of the bidding strategy. Also, our budget is very likely to be very tight, so every pence counts. Let´s www concentrate on getting potential customers to get to know us and what market we are on.

From Traditional to Digital

Digital marketing is just an extension of traditional marketing principles and the brand bidding on PPC issue is answered by understanding what is the position of your brand in your market and apply the appropriate marketing strategy across all your marketing channels. Are you small and you need to find a niche and grow up attacking the bigger competitors or, on the other hand you are one of the biggest players in your market and you have to defend yourself from small competitors? The answer to Brand Bidding on PPC has been in traditional marketing books for a long time.

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