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Should we Block Google from Indexing our Blogs?

I have recently read a very interesting article from Carlos Bravo trying to tackle this question. Can we do Blogging without SEO? The article is in Spanish so I will re-write first the main points he made and then I will share my views on it. viagra vs cialis Carlos Bravo – How about blocking Google from indexing our Blogs?

  1. We (bloggers) are obsessed with Google. Sometimes we see up and downs in traffic and we don’t manage to get our heads around it. Why Google liked me last month but not this one? This is usually a difficult puzzle.
  2. Is there any other way? Would we be able to do Blogging without thinking about Google? Would we be able to do it leaving Google aside, without playing any part?
  3. Let’s try it! Carlos is going to perform an experiment. He will create a brand new Blog and will block Google from indexing it. Is this Blog going to go anywhere?

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At the very beginning of the article Carlos says “If you are into SEO stop reading, this is going to sound silly“.

I have to say that (being SEO myself), I thought the idea was quite crazy, but I quite like crazy ideas (As Marketing Guru Seth Godin says: Safe is Risky).

canada pharmacy Let’s analyse Step by Step what Carlos wants to do

Launching a Brand New Blog blocking Google: What I understand here is that he is going to start a new blog from the scratch and tell robots not to index any of these pages. In plain English this means that none of the articles written in this blog will ever show on a Google Search. Can this Blog be Successful?

1. What do we understand by Success? Setting SMART objectives would be a good starting point. What level of traffic, engagement and subscribers and by when do you want to achieve this to call it a Success?

2. Are you going to order write it yourself? If this is the case I would call this cheating. You are not using Google to drive traffic to the new site, but you are using it to your main site and thanks to Google (partially; your high quality content is also key) you have built a great reputation over the last few years to get there.

3. Growth: This is arguably the biggest issue that this new blog is going to face up. You can be successful without Google, but not that much. Why? Just because you are leaving aside one of the biggest traffic drivers online. And not just in terms of numbers, you should also take into account that Google is one of the most trusted referrers. Unlike Display Ads or Paid Search, users tend to trust more an Organic Search when looking for information or trying to find products/services.


Said all the above, I have to say that I am looking forward to see this Blog Live and the outcome that it brings

(Am I contradicting myself?)

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