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It’s a common mistake to sale push new generic levitra products and services to the target audience thinking of them as just numbers and focusing on the juicy part (Majority). Unfortunately the process cialis 10mg for them to adapt to new products is more complicated and it needs to follow a process. Each customer doesn’t behave the same way, and different behaviours can be identified. We need to understand this to be able to introduce our product successfully.

Let’s say we create a Remarkable new product that we believe satisfies customers’ needs so it will succeed. The only percentage of your target audience that are willing to buy your product are the Innovators, which means only 2,5% because this guys are actively looking for new products to try new experiences. But the business cannot survive with 2,5% of target audience so we target the Early Adopters. This guys are a bit more cautious but still willing to try new stuff, so we might get them on board. Awesome, we’ve already reached 16% of the target audience…next step, Majority!

Reaching the juicy Majority is what most of the companies fail to do. Why? Because the majority don’t care about new products, they don’t care about your product, and they don’t even have time to listen to you. How to convince them?? Through the push from Early Adopters that eventually will make them know they are missing out.

The conclusion is that your company can not target the Majority directly but can focus the marketing efforts on Innovators and Early Adopters who will be the only ones listened by the majority.