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You have spent long time researching the best revatio keywords for your campaign on Google Adwords but you still think your results are not good enough. Have you checked how you are spending your budget? Image you own a corner shop. Does it have the same value a Tuesday morning customer and a Saturday night one?

Probably, the first one will buy a packet of crisps whereas the second one will buy a bottle of liquor. Adwords works in a similar way, the best point is that you have the tools to find precisely what day and at what time your most valuable customers are more likely to pop in.

Adwords Day Parts

1. Day Part Analysis: Go to Google Analytics. Under Traffic Sources/Advertising/Adwords/Day Parts
Here you will find the data for the best clicks and conversion time for your campaign. (Make sure you chose a long time frame so the results are relevant).
There are 2 reports you should check now. The daily and the hourly reports.
Daily Report:
Google Adwords Day Part Report
Note how the Goal Completions are higher on Saturdays for the same amount of Clicks


Hourly Report:
Google Adwords Hourly Report
Note how we are getting clicks but no conversions from 2:00 to 8:00 in the morning
Once we have analysed our best conversion time frames we just need to go to Adwords Settings and select when we want Google Adwords to run our campaign (days of the week and hours of the day).
Go to Advanced Settings and schedule the Campaign to be running for those time frames decided previously.
Adwords Scheduler

2. Delivery Method: There are 2 ways you can tell Google to spend your daily budget, Standard or Accelerated. The first one will display show your Ads evenly over time and the second one does it quickly until the budget is finished. When you select Standard, is Google who chooses when your Ads are displaying, while if you choose Accelerated it will show your Ads every time someone searches for one of your keywords. 
Now that we have set up the best conversion time for us, we want to show our Ads as many times as possible to get more conversions. You don’t want to miss out clicks on your best performing time frames. 


Was this not enough? Take a look at one of the latest Adwords launch that allows you to show your Ads only to the audiences that are natural viagra more likely to buy your product. Find out sildenafilsexyfeelingtabletsnamesgeneric how RLSA works.


Special Thanks to David Miles, Adwords Guru
who provided me with the foundations of 
Google Adwords on his Adwords MasterClass.
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