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advertising-techniques Think Draw] from Dubai, UAE

Jay Levinson (the father of Guerrilla Marketing) stated that an Ad has to be shown 27 times to have a real impact. Only 9 times will be seen and your audience has to see the Ad 3 times to be effective.

Advertising companies tend to push their marketing messages to a viagra generic greater audience to create a purchase bigger impact. After all, it is just a matter of numbers, isn’t it?

The canadadrugs greater the reach, the sildenafil 20 mg tablet higher the impact. Well, I do disagree with this. It is also true that now advertising techniques are more focused on  order targeted campaigns which have better conversion rates. However, is the generic viagra without a doctor prescription frequency taken into consideration as an advertising technique? I thought it was not given the importance I believe it has, but today I was really surprised when on my way back home and reading a free magazine on the tube, I found this.


A normal banner that I just ignored, like a disturbing A-board in your way

But then I passed to the next page and I saw this…


Hang on a minute….didn’t I just see this Ad??

Again a very similar ad by the same brand? What is this all about? I think I just saw the same thing on the previous page. Let me double check…are they telling me a story and I missed the first part. revatioviagra I don’t like missing out, let’s go back and see what the story is about. The boring banner just became a remarkable ad just by repetition.

Frequency does work. And not just in traditional advertising. We can see examples of the power of frequency in e-mail marketing campaigns or retargeting advertising. Why are e-mail marketing and retargeting campaigns so effective? Because online repetition is cheap and highly targeted.

The key is  keeping your brand awareness. Maybe the first time you were just browsing, not ready to buy, but certainly that time will come and we want to make sure we are the first brand coming to your mind.

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