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Advertising is About Selling

I keep reading this David Ogilvy’s quote every day on the main wall of my office. Honestly, I did not think it was one of the best quotes you can chose to decorate an Advertising Agency wall. The fact that it is Ogilvy´s gives it credibility, however I didn’t quite understand the real meaning of this quote.

For me Advertising is not about Selling, that is not the way I look at it. I think is more about understanding your audience, understanding their needs and come up with a product to satisfy those needs (classic marketing focus) and then with Advertising techniques let our audience know that we have available what they were looking for (even if they are not actively looking for it or they don´t even know they need it).

I thought the best way to find out what was behind Ogilvy´s quote was to do some research and read one of his books. As a marketer maybe this is something I should have done a while ago but that´s another story. Today reading  Confessions of an Advertising Man I understood what Ogilvy meant by “Advertising is About Selling”.

David Ogilvy started his career as a salesman, and this made him a Sales focused professional. He also had a background on research, which made him very analytical. However, when he was working in an Advertising Agency he found that most of the advertising professionals were looking to create campaigns where the creativity and the beauty was the most important part. Taking this into consideration, I think that Mr. Ogilvy was right when he said that Advertising is about Selling. 

Under this context, I also find key to highlight that Advertising´s ultimate goal is to promote a product or a service in order to be sold…or under Ogilvy´s words:

Advertising is About Selling

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