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Yesterday I went to pharmacies in canada World Travel Market, a Tourism focused Fair in Excel London. However, due to the importance of Digital Marketing for this sector they scheduled a few conferences about Search Engine Marketing and Content Marketing that I was lucky to witness. I will mention here one presentation that I specially enjoy by Anthony Rawlins, CEO of Digital Visitor who provided the audience with these order Tips for Content Marketing. pharmacy 1. 80/20 Content Rule: It is funny how we change our minds when we are the customer to when we are the company which tries to sell stuff. Take a look at the companies/brands you follow on Facebook. I have a good example of when I do follow a brand: A while ago I saw this Coffee Shop that write funny messages on their A-Board and then they just take pictures and upload it on Facebook. I see on a weekly basis new funny messages (coffee related)…of course I want to follow them! Is this content trying to sell me anything?? Not at all.


This is what the first of the 5 tips for content marketing is about. Only sildenafil 50 mg prix 20% of the content that your brand publishes should aim to sell/promote your brand and products. That means that 80% of your content should be non-brand related.

2. Customer Content: Creating our own content with rich media, pictures and videos is great but what about getting your customers to create that content for you?? This would get us to the ideal situation where our customers create the content that other customers are going to engage with. All you need to do is launching a competition (you don’t really need to offer iPads all the time, as Anthony said there are other options that people get crazy about like… Beach Balls! Yes, I couldn’t believe it either!). You will get the benefit of free content for your site and engaged customers that will refer others to your site to join the competition or to check their creative pieces of content.


3. Media Content: Depending on the social media channel that you use (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) certain type of media will be more or less suitable. The take away of this point is that you need to create content according to the type of engagement required. Using Facebook as an example if your content is mainly pictures (specially the funny ones) you will get many “likes” which might get you more fans if it goes viral. However if you want to use this platform to drive traffic to your website you will need to use pictures with links. In the first place it looks like obvious to just use the Picture + Link option, however if we remember the point number 1 above we should not go over 20% promotional content and if we are using content as an excuse to drive them to our site (where all our products are waiting to be discovered) probably we can count that as promotional content. Remember not to go over 20%.


4. Have a Content Strategy: The next of our tips for content marketing applies not only to Content Marketing but to any Marketing Strategy. I would say that first of all you should have a Digital Marketing Strategy. After that you should set up a schedule taking seasonality sales into account so we can use our budget wisely and effectively and then split that budget into different channels. It would be something like.

Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

This first schedule would give us the idea of budget/time/resources that we are going to be using for each of those channels. Then we can create another specific calendar for each of the channels especially for Social Media Channels where we can set up what content we are going to publish in advance.


5. Analyse and Optimise: I am a very big fan of analysis. The best of any digital marketing activity is that is measurable, and therefore can be optimised or in some cases dismissed if it does not work. The “I think this looks alright”, “I don´t like this Copy”, “This content will not engage” are no longer required/valid.


You will only get the answer to those questions by testing and measuring those pieces of content. Once you get the results make sure you adapt your content strategy accordingly and you will make all your content efforts much more effective.


Thanks Anthony Rawlins for a Content Marketing Masterclass

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