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Being committed to a blog is very demanding and time-consuming. However, with practise I’ve found the way to keep doing it and what is most important, to enjoy it. I hope you enjoy my 5 Tips for Blogging:

1. Don’t Write an Article, Design It

You are not writing a book. The good thing about a book is that the readers will read every word one by one, the bad point is that if you are not a very good writer, no-one will ever read any word at all.

Blogs are great, because I am not a good writer, but here you are reading what I’ve written. A blog post is not read like a book, is scanned. This means the reader don’t read every word, only a few to see if they should stay longer and read it properly. Then, you shouldn’t write, you should design it so they will focus their attention wherever you think is the most relevant parts.

2. Title, title, title

The second one of my  tips  for blogging is about Title Desingn. The title is the cialis generika most important part of your piece. Think about it as the cover of your book. It has to be attractive so your potential readers will click and read it. Also, in terms of SEO, is the best way you have to tell Google levitra generic what is this article about. Remember Google is very busy indexing millions of sites everyday, so it doesn’t have time to go through all the content so it just takes the title as the summary of your piece.

3. Links

This is hardest to achieve of these tips for blogging, but is very important that you don’t leave your piece of content in your domain without any connection or link to anywhere. canadian drugs Internal linking to other relevant articles is very useful to create engagement because your readers will keep reading about the topic they are interested in.

cialis uk External linking to other websites is very useful because you will be giving Google hints about how and where to index your site. If I link to SEOmoz website I am telling Google that my blog has something to do with Moz’s content.

4. Ideas

Find sildenafil 20 mg tablet inspiration everywhere. Keep your eyes opened when you are walking on the street, on the tube, or watching TV. If you are a student you have a great source of content. Write about those new topics that you are learning.

I recently published an article about how to use A-Boards because I used to pass by a coffee shop whose A-Board brought my attention. You can find interesting topics everywhere, you just need to keep your eyes opened and think what stands out around you. Don’t forget writing it down (use your brand new smarthphone to keep record of your ideas).

5. Be specific

Your visitors don’t have time to read long articles. Remember the first of our tips for blogging, your readers don’t have time! You should feel lucky that, out of other millions of blogs, they are using their most valuable asset, time, to read your words. Give them what they want; tips, advice, content so they will have a good visit experience and will not remember that is not good if you have a high bounce rate for seo. One of the most valuable tips for blogging is: the shorter, the better.

Which one of these tips for blogging is the most important for you? Can you add another one?

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