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If you think your company is offering good quality products/services it is important that what it’s said online goes in line with those satisfied clients. If you don’t offer this quality don’t bother keep on reading these tips because will not apply to you.

1. Worry about Real Life Reputation

There is not an magic online reputation that is going to differ to what your real life customers think of you. Look at the online side of it as an amplifier of what happens on real life. Mike Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch has already learnt this lesson. levitra generic   

2. Tell how good you are

Are you good enough in what you do? Are most of your clients happy with your product/services? Tell everyone! Create a story, record testimonials, put it up on your website and make sure everyone sees what the rest think, customers are the most authoritative referrer to potential customers.

3. Happy Customers are not proactive

Even when you have happy customers they are not going to create an advertising campaign for you, unless you ask them to! Make it easy for happy customers to spread the word. Social Media profiles, asking for testimonials, videos, any way to get those testimonials so others can see how happy these customers are with your company will be worth the effort.

4. Customer Expectations

We all are keen to sell products and get new customers, but it is not worth it doing this at any price. Are your Unique Selling Points achievable? Is your product going to be as good as you promise? Don´t tell anything to a client just to make a sale as if they get disappointed because they will tell everyone how bad your service was. (In this case they are very proactive!).

5. Looking after clients

Do you sell any service that requires customer service? Don´t even think twice and get qualify people to do this work. Yes, they are not sales people that bring new money to the company but this department will keep those customers who trusted us in the first place happy so others will come after being referrer by this happy customers.

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