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Usability Hub

Five Seconds Test

Click Test

Preference Test

 This test is also focused on designs, so a great tool for designers. You will show 2 designs of a landing page, Ad, o whatever you want to a few testers and they’ll decide which version they like the most.

Nav Flow Test

This is a interesting test that tries to understand how your users would navigate your site so you can understand that flow and hopefully learn and make amendments accordingly.


I really like UserTesting, it’s a fantastic tool that will allow you to get potential visitors to your website to navigate it whilst they speak out loud about their experience and frustrations when they complete the tasks that you gave them to complete. These learnings and frustrations are invaluable as you’ll be able to fix them before any real user face the same issue which might be the difference between winning or losing a sale. If you want to try it for free they also offer a reduced version of it for free called Peek.


Another great tool that will help both your organic and paid search results to get a better click through rate which in the end means more sales! Predikkta will help you create a few combinations of your Title Tag and Meta Description (for organic results) which then will be sent to your friends/colleagues or their own testers. Once you have your test back Predikkta will tell you which of the combinations if statically superior to the rest.

I already tested my own Title Tag for my blog and the results was quite conclusive…have you noticed the Title Tag of my Homepage? 🙂


Underperforming in Red | Outperforming in Green

Are you ready to stop wasting your online marketing budget? Crack on and give a go to these tools!

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