9 ways Google is Killing SEO

Google does not like your SEO campaign because they can’t monetise it. For this reason they keep developing Google AdWords, their advertising tool. Expanding the real state of the AdWords Ads with image extensions, site-links, social extensions (only Google+ of course), and call extensions are a few tools that make this all too obvious.
However, AdWords aren’t enough for Google, they have also developed other extensions in the search […]

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CRO – The Art of Online Merchandising

I am a big fun of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).  It is a great tool that can boost your sales without the requirement of increasing the traffic to your site. It seems like traffic is the solution to all websites and online businesses, but what about optimising what you already have? If you are not familiar with CRO, I’ll give you an idea of what […]

Go Mobile and beat Goliath

Google has announced that Mobile friendliness will be part of the SEO algorithm and will be effective on the 21st of April. This was announced a month in advance, so companies are now panicking and rushing to make their sites Mobile friendly, unfortunately this is not a minor and quick thing to do.
Why does Google add Mobile into the Algorithm?
Mobile  accounts for more than half […]

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