9 ways Google is Killing SEO

Google does not like your SEO campaign because they can’t monetise it. For this reason they keep developing Google AdWords, their advertising tool. Expanding the real state of the AdWords Ads with image extensions, site-links, social extensions (only Google+ of course), and […]

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Go Mobile and beat Goliath

Google has announced that Mobile friendliness will be part of the SEO algorithm and will be effective on the 21st of April. This was announced a month in advance, so companies are now panicking and rushing to make their sites […]

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    Sell more investing less – Grow your business like a lean Start-up

Sell more investing less – Grow your business like a lean Start-up

Traditional marketing conversion funnels explain the stages every consumer goes through when they engage with new products and brands, from the first contact with a product, to the initial purchase.
This simple chart is a great way to break down […]

The Right Place at the Right time – In-Market Segments

One of the biggest issues with Display Advertising is the fact that you don’t know if the user is ready to buy.

Imagine you are in a rush in the morning, you are late. But I know that you are […]

Yahoo Stream Ads – Time to Leave AdWords

Just a few weeks ago, Google announced the death of exact match in AdWords. This led to a negative reaction from Advertisers; we no longer have full control over the keywords that trigger our Ads leading to potential unnecessary wastage […]

By |October 13th, 2014|Adwords|2 Comments|

Good Bye Exact Match in AdWords

Last Thursday Google announced the end of Exact Match variation in AdWords.
In Google AdWords there are different ways a keyword triggers your Ads.  Let’s see how this works for the keyword “Women’s shoes”

Broad Match: Your Ad would be display […]

Search London – Doing SEO on a budget

Last Wednesday I attended for the first time an event organised by Search London. Search London is a meet-up group which helps SEO and PPC professionals to get together and discuss about the Search Market. Events are organised every […]

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Are NoFollow links Useless?

How easy would it be if we could do link building just by commenting on blogs and forums. Unfortunately, when you create a comment in a blog the link has an special attribute called “No Follow” which is telling […]

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Is Internal Linking Outdated SEO?

If you are into SEO you are very much aware of how important Internal Linking has been so far. But with Google changing algorithms and becoming more clever it is a good idea to test if link building is […]

Can Content Marketing attract Links?

We have all heard that nowadays in SEO Content is King. But why is content so important in SEO?

1. Engagement
With great content we will get users engage with our site and spending longer time reading and interacting. This will […]

Can Google change the Title of your Page?

We all know that one of the most important ranking factors for Google is the Title Tag. This needs to be informative for the user and for Google to understand what is the content of this page about. Also, […]

Can you Rank High with Not Optimised Anchor Texts?

Let’s carry on with our Top 25 SEO experiments to unveil Google Search Engine Factors. Following up from our last Anchor Text experiment where it was proved that we need to be careful when optimising Anchor Texts, today we […]

Can you be attacked with Negative SEO?

So far in the SEO Experiments Series we have learnt a few Google Search Engine Factors that help our rankings. However, there is another way some webmasters can use SEO; to attack your website.
Like in any other market, there […]

Can you Get Penalised for Optimising Anchor Texts?

Today’s experiment to find out more about Search Engine Rankings will be about Anchor Texts. Remember, that an Anchor Text is that piece of text that you can read and acts as a link with your website. EG: Search […]

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